You spend thousands of dollars in entry fees. Make smarter decisions with your money by tracking your success by partner, rope, and horse.

You can quick track every run, every round, every number with a few taps and see your qualified time percentage, percentage of slicks vs. singles, broken barriers, and score and handle ratings. You can see these statistics per rope, per partner, or per horse and make data driven decisions in the business of team roping.

Have trouble keeping track of the slots for your next event? Easily fill in your partners and their numbers and keep all their contact info in one place.

Tired of worrying about costs and earnings for taxes? Automatically calculate fees and winnings and track other expenses and profits by category and date and upload receipt photos to make taxes painless.




Have a phone full of videos without any way to organize them? No problem. Log your runs and made videos searchable and easy to find by horse, event, date, or location. Sell a horse or two to get down the road? Team Roping Buddy tracks all the winnings, prizes, and videos per horse as well as organizing maintenance and health records.

Instead of scattered scraps of paper, we can keep searchable stock notes for you and even keep up with the records on your truck and trailer–whether it’s a straight load two-horse or a triple axle.  Let us help you spend more time gathered around a cooler or picking up checks. Just don’t call to complain about the steers 😉



Success statistics by rope and horse

Track partner statistics and partnership winnings

Search partner by association, location, and number

See events in your area

Organize your ropings with draws and picks by number

Keep videos organized by run, horse, and location

Share a horse’s history, earnings, and videos to other users with one tap