Rodeo Buddy is the first app designed to support both the weekend warrior and professional athlete. While you train, condition, feed, and drive, let us take care of some of the details.

Whether you are trying to balance a full time job, practicing during the week and hitting the trail on weekends or paying fees at a hundred rodeos a year, Rodeo Buddy Pro will keep tabs on your fuel costs, farrier visits, stock notes, and ground conditions. Your new assistant will remind you to enter and help you plan and prioritize your competition dates. Best of all, you can log your videos and notes to accelerate your improvement!




We’ve tried to think of everything we can do to help, whether you have a couple of horses and like to hit a jackpot every once in a while, or you’re making your 4th of July run on  Red Bull and private planes. Our data and video log system helps you integrate feedback from your runs faster so you can make data-driven decisions and reach your goals sooner. You can use the app to keep track of expenses and earnings, dates and appointments, animal health records and truck and trailer information and maintenance. We’ll let you know the weather we’re your headed, tell you how to get there and let you take notes and photos so you remember the ground, set up, and score from year to year. It’s like having your mom to keep track of everything, without all the back seat driving 😉



Rodeos, events, entries, & horse and rig records all in once place with iCal integration.


Record all money coming in or going out with breakdows by category and attached receipts.


Track all videos, winnings, feeed regimens, and health records by horse.

Event logs

Keep all videos and results together with notes, goals, and feedback.


Stock notes searchable by event, contractor, date and location.

all in one place

Manage schedule, reminders, finances, horses, travel & stock all in one place.


Got 2 horses? Got 20? Being a horse owner is a lot of work either way. There are individual feed and supplement regimens to manage, keeping track of when really they last had their feet trimmed, how much they’ve won this month or this year, appointments, and which horse you used where. Can’t remember what you were feeding when your horse really felt good? No worries, you can check.


Whether you’re driving 20 minutes or 20 hours to your next event, we’ll let you know the weather, make your navigation easy, and keep your past photos and data handy. Input arenas, places to stay, and let us help you decide if you can REALLY make it back for the short go.


It’s established fact within sports performance that video analysis can improve performance, but how often do you really review the runs or rides you got your buddy to video from the fence? We’ll keep your videos in the cloud and attached to dates, horses, and locations for easy access to and integration of your data. We’ll also track your results, the winning scores, your fees and winnings and integrate them automatically into the money data and data by horse.


Not only can you work on your bio for when the PRCA needs it for the NFR program, you can upload photos of membership cards and monitor your earnings by season and career. We’ve also created a space for you to input short and long term goals and create a vision board. Tap here often to stay inspired and always moving toward achieving your dreams. You’ve got this and we’ve got you!


Whether it’s fun or not, buying tires and diesel are a necessary part of rodeo life. We’ll keep the information and maintenance data of your trucks and trailers handy. Lost your little sticker and don’t know when you had your oil changed last? A couple taps can get you there. Can’t remember what you paid for that 3 horse trailer that you need to upgrade? We’ve got that too.


We know it’s a lot to have all those feed, entries, vet, fuel, and maintenance costs floating around in your head. Let us take on some of the stress of the sport by tracking and categorizing all those numbers for you. We’ll also track your winnings by association so you can ensure an inaccuracy doesn’t keep you from the finals!


Organize earnings by year, by horse, by association? We got you. Diesel, feed, a hotel room split eight ways? We’ll keep track of that too.


Add the information once and we’ll take care of it for you. Organize by priority and association with a built in reminder to make sure you never miss entries again.

keep track of your calendar

Customize your calendar and have all your competition and horse-based events in one place. Enter events by association and allow Rodeo Buddy Pro to keep track of your preferences, entry opening and closing, and fee payment deadline. Never forget about a jackpot, miss entries or pay late fees again!