We are now taking applications for a select group of Rodeo Buddy Student Ambassadors! As we roll out to new users and events, you have the opportunity to be on the front lines…the Gunslingers.


Exclusive instagram and facebook group membership


compete for spot on pro team


We know you’re starting out in your career, grinding to be the best, to improve, to attract sponsors, to succeed at rodeo, school, and for a lot of you, sports, jobs, and other goals.

Rodeo Buddy is the first app designed to help keep those ducks in a row and provide the data and feedback you need to succeed in the arena and give you a little more time to succeed outside of it too.



Social Media Exposure

We are looking for classy ambassadors for our brand. Get accepted into the Gunslingers and we may shout you out in our insta stories, profile you in a post, or use one of your photos on our website. This is a good opportunity to show sponsors how you can represent their brand.

you get a welcome package

After we review your application, you’ll receive an exclusive Rodeo Buddy patch and stickers in the mail (sometimes with some surprises ;). Sew it on your shirt, your saddle pad. Slap a sticker on your binder and let everybody know about your membership in this exclusive group. 

membership in a secret facebook and instagram group

You can connect, suggest, and request. You’ll be the first to know about new product updates, launches, and get exclusive access to contests and draws within the group for merch, equipment, and gift cards.

you'll get a say in the development of new technology in the rodeo world

You’ll have access to Rodeo Buddy directors responsible for development and innovation. You can answer questions, be part of polls, and make requests that could shape the future of technology in the sport of rodeo. How cool is that?

You get 40% off our online store

You want to rep our brand? We support that. You pay the shipping and get 40% off all merch for the duration of your time as a Gunslinger.

Interested in taking sponsorship to the next level?

We would love to choose spots on our semi-pro and pro teams from people that are already loyal fans. We base decisions on rodeo results, support for our brand, and social media following and engagement.



  1. Must be currently (during the year 2019) attending an academic institution full time. Junior college? Yup. Junior High? For sure. Graduate this spring? Still counts.
  2. You must be currently competing in 2019. Jackpot to National Finals, it doesn’t matter, but we are interested in individuals who are interested in improving and meeting goals
  3. Your social media accounts must be approved. We are only interested in ambassadors that will represent our brand with class. If you are constantly negative, dramatic, or inappropriate on Instagram, we are not a good match.
  4. You must be age 13 or over. If you’re younger than that, go practice 🙂
  5. You must fill out the application entirely. We are looking for people who can pay attention to detail.

How to Apply


  1. Fill out the application completely. We will review your application and accounts before we respond.
  2. In the meantime, you can download the free trial version of Rodeo Buddy from the App Store. (If you have an Android, hold tight, you won’t have to miss out for too much longer!)
  3. If we approve your application, we will DM you with your secret discount code.
  4. After you receive your code, you can use it for your yearly subscription. Send us a screenshot of your subscription confirmation so we can check it against our records
  5. Post in your stories or feed about your favorite thing about Rodeo Buddy and tag us!
  6. We’ll send you your Gunslinger welcome packet in the mail. We’d love to know when you get it!
  7. You can start giving out your personal code and racking up the points for free stuff!