Complimentary Subscription

redeeming your complimentary subscription

*Please note: You will receive an email from iTunes that Rodeo Buddy has been billed to your account, but you will not be charged

Open up the App Store and select APPS from the bottom menu.

Don’t have 48 updates available on your phone 🤦🏽‍♀️

Scroll all the way to the bottom until you find these sort of options: 

Tap the REDEEM button


Enter your unique code.

​*IMPORTANT NOTE: As we upload updates to the app, your subscription may get a little funky as the promo codes are attached to certain versions. Usually, this can be solved by the following steps:

​1. When the screen comes up to say you don’t have an active subscription, tap on ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP

​2. When the confirmation screen appears (to enter your Apple ID password or confirm with your fingerprint, select CANCEL

​This will generally restore your subscription details.


*Another note (maybe a little less important): we only have a limited amount of complementary codes we can give out so if you are not interested in Rodeo Buddy Pro, just let us know. No hard feelings! We do think that it will add value to your life, whether you are interested in promoting it or not. We are already receiving feedback from high-level rodeo athletes and are very excited to be able to serve you even better.  If you have ANY questions or comments, PLEASE let us know. We are interested in the good, the bad, and the ugly. You can text, email, call, DM, FB message, Pony Express…we’ll take it anywhere we can get it. We’re excited about the excitement so far!

​**As it is now, the set up for horses, associations, etc take some time. Don’t be overwhelmed by inputting all this information. It works really slick after you get all your stuff in there 🙂